What Security Means to Me: Statements From 31 Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Thirty-one business leaders and entrepreneurs are sharing what security means to them for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. People are participating from the United States, Denmark and The Netherlands.

It’s a reminder of why Security is important to all companies (larger and small). It’s also a recognition that business leaders in all industries are paying attending to the impact on the clients and communities they serve.

What is also unique about the awareness campaign is each individual shares what security means to them. It’s a reminder that security concerns, especially for women, are digital, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

PurePoint International, the company leading the campaign wanted to do something that was inline with their values as a woman and minority owned business and represents the values of the community and clients they serve.

Examples of some of the quotes are below:




The PurePoint Blog,

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