United Nations

I was honored to speak at the United Nations, Power of Collaboration Conference with IMPACT Leadership 21 with Ambassador Flores of Honduras, and Ambassador Chowdhury, former UN Ambassador from Bangladesh. My life’s work, mission, vision and soul purpose is in advancing peace and security for ALL human beings. It was an honor to share my insight on the featured panel Conversations With Men: Accelerating the Role of Women in Peace, Safety, and Security for Sustainable Economies.
I was able to champion for safety, security and equal participation of women globally for women who, perhaps, have not yet found their voice or are not in a position to influence the actions of private sector or political leaders.This panel specifically asked for insights from men on how to help advance the role of women globally, so it was an honor to be on the panel. My call to action for all men was to tell your daughter, sister, niece, wife, friend, that you support equal participation and self determination for her and her continued existence in this world.
Jessica Robinson
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