Our Holistic Security Training Areas:

Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity Employee Awareness Training: PurePoint can help you prepare your business for a potential cyber breach. An essential element of that is involving your employees. The implementation of a cyber security awareness program or training promotes and raises employee awareness, teaches security principles for everyday tasks, and raises employee awareness for organizational vulnerability.

EMV Technology: We are in the new evolution of building out a more secure and innovative payment systems. Chip technology is embedded into newly reissued credit cards to make payments more secure. PurePoint reviews the seven things you need to know as a business owner to reduce your liability and to keep your clients safe.

The 6 Mindset Shifts for C- Level Leaders Influencing Cybersecurity: PurePoint can help your board and C-level leaders understand governance and regulatory priorities when it comes to cyber security. This instructor-led training can be integrated into your company’s existing learning education program. Training can be customized for your organization and be in-person or online.


Physical Security:

Workplace Violence Training: PurePoint can help you prepare your business for the potential of workplace violence. We suggest planning ahead to avoid a catastrophic event. A preventative Threat Assessment will help you to respond to any threat that may occur. This includes specific action plans to implement within the organization culture that supports a safe and respectful workplace for your teams.

Emergency Preparedness and Response: In today’s world, it is critical to have contingency plans in place in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, or any unforeseen disaster. PurePoint’s preventative planning will help you map out emergency response procedures and requirements in advance of incidents. Due to the unpredictable nature of natural and manmade events, we will help you to establish a plan so your business is prepared.

Psychological Security:

The Consciously Secure Workplace Organizational and Leadership Training: As a practitioners and researchers, PurePoint International is known to deliver the most innovative training in the industry, and is quickly becoming the world’s most recognized voice on business, leadership, and personal development in the industry. Jessica Robinson’s works with organizations and leaders helping them to harness their personal power to create inclusive spaces globally, within their organization for employees and clients, and within themselves.


Travel Security:

How to Travel Safely Anywhere: PurePoint is often asked for advice as someone is preparing for an international trip. Jessica Robinson has traveled to over 20 countries, and three continents, and provides seven practical key learnings anyone traveling can adopt to help stay safe when in familiar, or unfamiliar, locations.

“I enjoyed this training. I am more aware of how bullying happens in our place of work.” Annemarie, Nutrition Program Educator


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