Law Firms and Cyber Breaches: Three Things to Know

Law Firms and Cyber Breaches: Three Things to Know
I was honored and thankful to speak at the ACEDS Conference.  It was a wonderful opportunity to learn the deeper security challenges to companies and to share my insights of working with small and medium sized businesses in bridging the gap between physical & cyber concerns.
What to consider:
1. Almost 80% data breaches arise from internal staff – train your staff.
2. Law firms have to be part of the cyber solution. (i.e, Panama Papers). Know the threat landscape for your industry.
3. How are you collaborating with internal and externals partners (IT, Managing Director, computer forensics experts, and other stakeholders).
Stay tuned for my upcoming article detailing what law firms need to know to prevent breaches.
Jessica Robinson, is a writer and Founder & CEO of PurePoint International. She has worked with a top 40 company and with the 2015 US Open. As a security & risk management expert and outsourced CSO (Chief Security Officer), she advises and consults with small and medium sized businesses on cyber prevention and response. Learn more at


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