Consciously Secure Living: Privacy and Social Media


As the pandemic stared there is no doubt people connected more online, though various mediums, as a way to build community. The question that remained in regards to some platforms was “How much is to ‘too much’ information to share?”

It’s important to have an awareness of what information is important to keep private. This varies by person, but an individual’s overall understanding of long-term impact also varies by age and level of awareness. For example, the younger the person the more likely they may be willing to post more information about themselves online.

Jessica was featured in this Bustle article that covers good information any individual can consider when posting on social media. This may specifically be of interest to parents, in thinking about their children, and those who live alone.

Enjoy this article by Kaitlin Wylde.

Four Facts About Women in Tech (and Security)

Four Facts About Women in Tech (and Security)

I was honored to volunteer with a group of high school students and to be on a Microsoft DigiGirlz Panel with incredible women who started their own company from Women In Technology, to leaders at Microsoft & Bloomberg discussing girls and tech with high school students across the New York City. It was great to look out and see a sea of young girls interested in careers in tech!

For young women and experienced this is both an extremely invigorating, yet nerve wrecking place to be when few resemble and look like you. I love having the opportunity of sharing my experience of starting out as a computer science major to now owning my own company. It has been a winding road with twists and turns like many other people I know. Life has been anything, but predictable and I enjoy being part of the movement of men and women to move the needle on these statistics.


1. Women make up 40% of the labor force
2. Responsible for $20 trillion of consumer spending
3. Make up 30% of tech roles
4. Women make up 5% of corporate boards
Jessica Robinson, is a writer and Founder & CEO of PurePoint International. She has worked with a top 40 company and with the 2015 US Open. As a security & risk management expert and outsourced CSO (Chief Security Officer), she advises and consults with small and medium sized businesses on cyber prevention and response. Learn more at