Consciously Secure Living: Privacy and Social Media


As the pandemic stared there is no doubt people connected more online, though various mediums, as a way to build community. The question that remained in regards to some platforms was “How much is to ‘too much’ information to share?”

It’s important to have an awareness of what information is important to keep private. This varies by person, but an individual’s overall understanding of long-term impact also varies by age and level of awareness. For example, the younger the person the more likely they may be willing to post more information about themselves online.

Jessica was featured in this Bustle article that covers good information any individual can consider when posting on social media. This may specifically be of interest to parents, in thinking about their children, and those who live alone.

Enjoy this article by Kaitlin Wylde.

Speaking Icons Dr. George C. Fraser and Les Brown Collaborate for the First Time in New Book with 31 Inspiring Leaders.

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 Speaking Icons Dr. George C. Fraser and Les Brown Collaborate for the First Time in New Book with 31 Inspiring Leaders.

Mission Unstoppable: Extraordinary Stories of Failure’s Blessings




New York, New York, December 1st, 2014Mission Unstoppable: Extraordinary Stories of Failure’s Blessingsis a collaboration of stories that depicts the struggles of 31 inspiring leaders and the challenges they faced while traversing their personal and professional road to success. Mission Unstoppable reveals these inspiring leaders desire to reach their goals and reasons for not giving up. “Failures and mistakes are the precursors of success. If you are not doing both, you are not taking any risks and success will elude you.” Says Dr. George C. Fraser, Americas Top Networking Guru.


Inspired by Dr. George C. Fraser, author of 5 best-selling books including Click and Success Runs in our Race, and recently inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum, with America’s number one motivational speaker, Les Brown, this book will fill you with inspiration and passion to achieve your own dreams and be unstoppable.


Locally, Jessica Robinson, one of the co-authors will host a Mission Unstoppable book signing taking place at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore, 1942 Amsterdam Ave (at 156th St), New York, NY on December 6th, 2014, featuring co-author Lanre M. Lee. The event will run from 2pm-4pm approximately. Learn more at: or


Nationally, for interviews or more information, our national spokespersons are: Dr. George C. Fraser (Cleveland, OH; 216-496-1287), Lanre M. Lee (Detroit, MI;313-926-7000 ), Haki Ammi (Baltimore, MD;410-209-9687 ), Dr. Antione Moss (Cleveland, OH; 216-220-7252), and Jessica Robinson (New York, NY; 929-800-1184)


Jessica Robinson is co-author of Mission Unstoppable, a Life Purpose & Career Coach (website: Conscious Courage Living) and is Tech Entrepreneur & President at PurePoint International, a boutique security firm.


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