Your Email Was Hacked…Now What?

Your Email Was Hacked…Now What?


It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month!

In the last few weeks several people mentioned they were hacked: both personal and work email. I wanted to share few tips that could not only prevent this from occurring, but help you respond to it.

When this happens, the first question I usually get is: how did this happen? The truth is it can happen in multiple ways: a compromised website link, another affected email account within your network at work, public Wi-Fi network, or your phone was compromised. It’s typically hard to pin down exactly.

Here are 3 top prevention tips:

  1. When you change your password (try to have at least 18 characters).
  2. Complete the latest security updates on your computer (and phone) when prompted.
  3. Try to not use public Wi-Fi networks.

What to do after your email is hacked:

  1. Check any related accounts (for example, if you have a PayPal account connected to your compromised account, or the company bank account linked to that email account).
  2. Continue to be weary of links on emails, even if it comes from trusted source.

Work Networks:

  1. Have your IT team scan for malware.
  2. You will want to let your IT team know in case another company account or network is affected.