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Social Good Values

Our work is creating a safer, more secure, global environment for women to raise their children, economically provide for their families, receive an education and simply live their lives how they choose to, without fear or intimidation. As a result, it is my hope that helping to elevate the role women play in the global consciousness of creating a more peaceful world manifests to a more secure world for billions of people. This means working with businesses and organizations, with similar values, to increase people’s own sense of personal security.


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Speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival Anti-Summit – Drones for Good, 2015

Why the focus on Social Good?

“There is no security for anyone, physically, emotionally or spiritually, when there is insecurity and suffering for many.” Jessica Robinson

CEO of PurePoint International, Jessica Robinson’s desire for travel, gender security,  and safety and security began at an early age. Jessica has made it her mission to address the concerns of global security, particularly for women. Jessica has long demonstrated her values of the need for an increase of holistic security – a fusion of technology, practical tools, and an increase internal security & self-confidence for all individuals.As a solo African American woman, Jessica traveled throughout Europe, to the homogeneous country of China, and with a friend to Nepal when the government failed to reinstate the national constitution sparking nation-wide protests. Jessica has also traveled to the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Bahamas. As a tech entrepreneur, knowing she could synthesize her business acumen and her passion for traveling, her research on international security, and a holistic security company advising non-profit leaders, social entrepreneurs, business leaders and governmental leaders to limit risk and keep their teams safe, she started PurePoint.

Best selling co-author Jessica Robinson is a gender focused Safety and Security Consultant and certified coach, that promotes the raising of levels of consciousness globally in the area of violence against women and girls at the intersection of humanism, security, women and leadership. As a holistic safety & security advisor and life purpose coach, Jessica provides trainings and solutions for non-profit leaders, intergovernmental organizations, social entrepreneurs  and business leaders on the best way to protect themselves, employees and constituents against data and physical security concerns, and leading in a crisis.

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