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Goal: Increased productivity, employee engagement, increased collaboration and trust among the team, increased culture of social inclusion

What is a safe space? A safe space, is a place where an individual knows he or she can show up with 100% authenticity without fear of judgment or harassment. The word safe, inherently means that this space is inclusive. But it doesn’t stop there. Creating safe spaces looks at safety from a holistic perspective of the individual: emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological and social safety.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you secretly staying up at night wondering how employees may respond if they don’t feel SAFE?
  • Secretly, deep down, do you have peace of mind knowing you have done everything you could to build your culture, but are still concerned an employee may make derogatory statements or create an UNSAFE environment for Muslims, people of color or LGBT employees?
  • You are CONFIDENT your boss trusts your ability to handle all circumstances, but you secretly worry if some employees don’t think you are doing enough?

The Real Problem is You Have Not Made the Shifts – Once You Make Them:

  • You will have PEACE of mind knowing you have done everything you can to build the right culture.
  • Increase your CONFIDENCE that your team has the mindset to create inclusive spaces for themselves and others.
  • Feel confident about how to best PREPARE your staff and maintain CONFIDENCE that your team has the leadership skills to know what to do if someone is uncomfortable.
  • You’ll realize that creating safe spaces is not IMPOSSIBLE even if it feels like it is.
  • AND you’ll do all of this while tapping back into the excitement you first had when you STARTED working at the company!
  • You will have PEACE of mind that your team has truly learned how to create safe spaces for others.

“Not enough leaders make decisions from a conscious place of safety for their team regarding their emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological safety.” Jessica Robinson

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What You Will Learn:

  • How to help your TEAM learn tools and a new way of thinking that will help them in personal development, business, building collaborative relationships, AND will give YOU peace of mind.
  • You’ll discover how to create an inclusive culture… without coddling them and without making them feel like you don’t TRUST them.
  • Why helping your TEAM create SAFE spaces is necessary for any leader in today’s workplace, even if you feel you have built the right culture.

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“I enjoyed the presentation details which were clear, detailed and specific, I was impressed with the presenter and her ability to allow the staff to process the situation  and determine possible courses of action and possible solutions.” Leah, Regional HR Leader

Duration: Two 4hr sessions over 1-2 months (number of sessions varies by team)

  1. Results:
    1. Develop the most important LEADERSHIP trait for success in a corporate culture.
    2. Learn the 7 shifts necessary to create a culture of SAFE spaces in the workplace
    3. Learn how to increase trust and INCLUSION with your team
    4. Build trust faster and encourage members of the team to be the person they would want to have on the team
    5. Decrease one’s fear of speaking up in front of the team
    6. Increase collaboration and team building among colleagues
    7. Increase innovation and creativity
    8. Improved culture of social inclusion
    9. Increased productivity and employee engagement

Support Materials: Prework questions

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Process: 7 step process that a) evaluates current employee culture, b) training on creating safe spaces (how to, benefits, culture of inclusion) c) facilitate a team experience where participants put into action what they learned d) participant will have pre-work prior to the training.

This course has been developed from Jessica’s nearly 15 years of experience in studying and working in the field of safety and security. Her innovative approach connects the disciplines of safety, security, and inclusion and how they are intricately related.

In 2012, Jessica started a mission driven business, PurePoint International, and became a certified coach looking at security at a deeper level.

As a practitioner and researcher, Jessica is known to deliver the most innovative training in the industry, and is quickly becoming the world’s most recognized voice on business, leadership, and personal development in the industry. Jessica works with leaders helping them to harness their personal power to create safe spaces globally, within their organization for employees and clients, and within themselves.

Jessica is a visionary pioneer and growing authority on this integrated approach making this knowledge accessible and digestible for all individuals. With 10 years of experience in the private sector, Jessica’s unique experience with businesses and non-profits teaches leaders and teams to create a thriving, empowered and safe culture.


“Get this bad ass Chief Security Officer on your side. She’s disrupting the security market with a woman’s touch and a holistic view of security. I’ve worked closely with Jessica Robinson on our organizational security plan from cyber security to physical security and I cannot recommend her outsourced CSO services enough. Wise. Experienced. Comprehensive. I am in awe of her!” Jensine Larson, CEO World Pulse


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