My Consciously Secure Life

The Consciously Secure Life
The Consciously Secure Life is understanding we are living in a new normal. That places are were once saw as secure, malls, churches, even fun travel destinations are not as traditionally safe as they once have been. This initiative is about looking at personal security with anew lens and providing real life hacks, tips, and solutions that people can use daily.

It also includes exploring security as a basic human need and what it means to build a secure foundation and create self-security.

Speaking and event  topics include:

Holistic Security 

The blend of traditional security (physical, cyber, digital) and a non-traditional view of security which includes (psychological, emotional, spiritual) and the focus on inner security and inner confidence as a way of life.

Inner Security and Confidence 

When alone the most important thing to remember is to feel and be confident. Jessica will discuss the many ways to project confidence when alone and personal security tips to help you take the right action quickly if needed. She will also share the top three ways to project confidence when traveling alone.

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