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Meet the Newest Member of the Team!


Erin Wolfe is an analyst specializing in national security and intelligence, terrorism organizations and movements, and the role women play in conflict. She is specifically focused on the Middle East and North Africa and the politics and security challenges facing the region. She spent time in region studying Arabic and immersing herself in the culture.

Prior to joining The PurePoint, Erin was a police officer for the New York Attorney General’s Office where she investigated a variety of white collar, civil rights, and labor cases.  Erin also worked at the Manhattan DA’s office, in an international white collar crime bureau.  Beyond her public service, Erin spent almost ten years in the for profit world at Morgan Stanley, primarily in the Information Technology division.  Erin was focused on both IT security as well as business analysis for the firm’s lending products.

Erin’s passion for foreign relations and national security issues led her to complete a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC, concentrating on Strategic Studies (the school’s security studies program).  Her undergraduate degree is in music as a cellist from West Virginia University.

When Erin is not tackling security issues, she is traveling the world, diving, cooking or mixing cocktails for dinner parties. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife, their two crazy animals.

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