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Someone said this to me about getting started on their cybersecurity journey. I LOVED the enthusiasm, but I had to remind them that cybersecurity improvement does not happen overnight. It cannot ALL happen right now. It takes time and there is a process. But one place to start is the CULTURE.

More than ever, companies need diverse teams to thrive in this global climate. Even small teams will need to think about cybersecurity, but not all teams need full-time cybersecurity or IT personnel.

Normalizing conversations around cybersecurity with all employees, including bringing in a bit of LOVE, is a way to make cybersecurity personal instead of the topic people want to avoid (it may not feel intuitive, but it’s possible).

Demystifying cybersecurity now will make it easier in the future to handle threats to your business in the new WFH environment.

Though there are varying statistics depending on the study (48% – 95%), it is generally understood that human error is the leading cause of breaches.

It is important that all employees take part in spreading and implementing understanding of cybersecurity concerns within their organization. It is also important to transfer this awareness to consumers, and other stakeholders of an organization. The formats and content of each training, and awareness activity, may vary based on variables, such as an organization’s industry and size, as well as the department and current needs within the organization. Nonetheless, this is no longer an option for businesses no matter how small; it’s a must have and an indirect factor of predictable growth of an organization.

Join us  tomorrow on February 10th for this Cybersecurity Roundtable. As a c-level leader or entrepreneur, we will cover:

• What to pay attention to in your business when it comes to cybersecurity
• The impact of not addressing concerns early
• The challenge of trying to go back and fix it later

Jessica Robinson is CEO of PurePoint International and works as a Virtual/Outsourced CISO to middle market businesses in financial services and insurance. Jessica and her team specialize in working with companies with start-up – $350M in revenues.

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