When working with our clients we review your business conditions, budgets, timeframe and requested deliverables. After conducting the appropriate research we create a detailed plan on what is needed and practical. We will then decide on an appropriate assessment to meet your business needs. PurePoint helps you to prepare for contingency plans for nearly any situation.

Our Clients:
Training services for businesses,  non-profit leaders, governmental organizations and social entrepreneurs. Our services include training, technology, and knowledge, awareness, and confidence building.

PurePoint International was created to start a new innovative holistic, unique way to outsource security needs for those in at risk roles creating a consciously secure world for commercial enterprises including non-profits, journalists and social entrepreneurs. We have continued to expand our portfolio and now support business owners, law firm and C-level executives.

“No company is too early stage to start thinking about security and compliance.” Ritika Puri, Founder Storyhackers

Who We Help

Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive director of a non-profit, managing director at a law firm, or a C-level executive, protecting your client and employees from physical and cyber security concerns is necessity in today’s world.

We help clients with:

  • Assessing culture for cyber risk; tech solutions 
  • The desire to have someone else handle security since it isn’t their strength
  • Not knowing where to start – “Not knowing what you don’t know”
  • A lack of time to effectively manage your security needs
  • Adequate training for employees for cyber and physical security
  • Writing effective safety & security policies and best practices

The best way to address potential security needs is quickly and efficiently. We help executives and leaders decrease risk, liability, and create a consciously secure life at work for his or her employees.

Specialty Services: More than ever businesses need to be prepared for anything including, employee reduction to downscaling, violence as a result of a human trafficking concern, or the closing of a property which can pose a safety and security risk. In today’s workplace, companies need to be prepared for a wide variety of potential employee reactions, including the possibility of violence. For teams in a conflict zones or hostile environments will also be given tools to use to navigate their conditions. It could be the release of a distressed employee that has the makings for a calamitous situation. PurePoint helps you prepare contingency plans before any situation take place.


Outsourced PISO Consulting Services

As your outsourced Principal Information Security Officer (PISO), we handle your physical and cyber security needs within your organization. We help you create a strong culture and keep executives focused on other priority goals and business objectives.

You need to run your business; let us help you create & meet your security objectives. The amount of involvement and cost varies on the needs of the client.

First Month:

  • Assess current culture
  • Assessment report
  • Develop strategic security roadmap to address risk areas
  • And more – ask for a PurePoint Client Packet

Ongoing Support:

  • Train employees on physical or cyber security needs
  • Establish needed policies or procedures
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Provide tech solutions – (application/operational security)
  • Vendor risk
  • Create measurement reports
  • Cloud data support
  • Asset management
  • Business continuity
  • Incident response and remediation (implement SIEM, IDS, DLP)
  • Crisis Management
  • Regulatory compliance (NYCRR 500 DFS, GDPR, HIPPA, CCPA)
  • Implement standards (NIST, ISO)
  • And much more – ask for a PurePoint Client Packet

Consciously Secure Entrepreneur

PurePoint International’s Consciously Secure Methodology and holistic approach to security supports non-profits, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs with a small team, elected politicians, and aspiring candidates get elected to public office. Our methodology supports a customized approach that meets your security and privacy risk needs.

Increased complexity is occurring for businesses of all sizes as a result of security threats and increasing regulations. This tailored approach support you in meeting your security goals, no matter the size of your business. Contact us to learn more about this approach.

Security Assessments

To have a profitable business, companies have to look at their business holistically to stay fully operational at all times. We concentrate on helping you to thoroughly analyze and evaluate security risks.

Whether you have concerns about one property, or several, PurePoint can help you assess the potential threats and develop a detailed security protection and prevention plan. To stay fully operational and profitable, a company can never be caught by surprise. That’s why it’s important to complete security risk assessments for all of your properties.

Other holistic consulting services include:

  • An assessment of threat and vulnerability applicable to your headquarters and/ or other physical locations (distribution centers, retail stores, offices, satellite locations)
  • Training programs to fit every schedule (see Training and Speaking page)
  • A thorough review of employee safety and security processes and training at all requested locations
  • A review of electronic security systems and their relevancy when compared to best practices in reference to identified threats and response
  • A review of your physical security-related policies and procedural documents in relation to best practices and industry standards to determine your capabilities to handle an immediate incident
  • Evaluation of business resources to successfully navigate the protection of your company’s reputation and assets
  • An evaluation of the use of fencing, shrubbery, security lighting and other deterrents, through the use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards
  • Provide an Initial Assessment Outcomes Report, to review the vulnerability of your business
  • And more

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