Consciously Secure Leadership Series

Monthly Consciously Secure Leadership Series

The Consciously Secure Leader Series, and our brand Consciously Secure Living, is to address unique and important concerns raised by members in our PurePoint community to support our leaders where they are and talk about all topics related to safety and security for human beings, particularly vulnerable populations, including the Black community. As a cybersecurity company, leading in crises is what we do consistently, and at PurePoint International, we are committed to meeting our clients where they are.

Next One is Jan 27th, 2021


Past Events:

The Consciously Secure Leader Series, Cybersecurity and IP Lightning Talk, October 8th, 11:30-11:45amEST

The Consciously Secure Parent 3: What to Focus on? The Essentials of Virtual Learning, September 15th 7pmEST

Consciously Secure Leader Series: Race, Privilege and Allyship: A Conversation with Eduardo Placer, July 22, 5:30pmEST

Virtual Fireside Chat with Kiah Morris: Radical Justice, Safety and Security, and the Ancestral Healing of America,  Wednesday, June 10th 5pmEST

Screenside Chat with Jensine Larsen: The Global Impact of COVID-19, Technology and Women, Thursday, May 28th, 12pmEST

The New Normal: Cybersecurity, IT, Business Continuity, and the First Four Weeks of the US Working From Home and Global Work From Home Initiatives and Impacts, Friday, April 17th, 11amEST

The Consciously Secure Leader: Week 6 of WFH: Resilient Leadership, Crisis, and Adapting to the New Normal, Tuesday, April 28th 11amEST

The Consciously Secure Parent 2: How to Create Safe Learning Spaces for Your Children Online and Offline, Tuesday, April 28th, 7pmEST

Cybersecurity and IP Lightning Series: Zoom, Webinar Security and Protecting Your IP, Tuesday, April 11th 11amEST

The Consciously Secure Parent: What cybersecurity concerns should you address when homeschooling your children?, April 7th 7pmEST