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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Business Continuity and Cybersecurity Toolkit (Resources and Tools)

Which one are you?


Are you feeling anxious and not sure what is going to happen next? Are you concerned about what next week will hold because you already had to cutback on personnel?

For me, and I am sure for you a well, my work is mission-driven. I say it over and over that to me cybersecurity is love. It’s not something a lot of people understand, but it’s about love for your team, love for your clients, love for your stakeholders and even love for your data and systems. It’s about loving yourself enough as a C- level leader to NOT put yourself in a position where a breach could have easily have been prevented. I believe now is a time for us to truly show up for one another and support each other in these unique circumstances. We are here for YOU!

This is information on business continuity we started to share with our clients and members in our PurePoint community on January 30th, 2020 when the World Health Organization, designated the coronavirus as a pandemic. Our goal remains to help companies protect their business and their teams. We have been focused on this since the beginning. This includes securing data, cyber risk, and how to think about managing areas of the company where a core knowledge holder could be out for an extended period of time.

Let me know your questions or concerns, and we will be sharing more later so be sure to check back a few times a week. We are in this together.


We are being asked many questions by our PurePoint Community and I wanted tot be sure to add information and resources to one place. Thank you to all those with the courage to ask and I encourage you to keep asking!


Business Continuity, Protecting Systems and Data, and Privacy for Staff during the Coronavirus:


1/30/2020 – Situation Update 1: Coronavirus and what you need to know –

2/9/2020 –  Situation Update 2: COVID-19 and Your Top 3 Priorities https

3/2/2020 – SHIELD Act

3/11/2020 – Situation Update 3: Taking Care of the Team

3/13/2020 – As a C-level leader, is your team prepared to work securely remotely?

3/23/2020  – COVID-19: The Top Five Focuses You Need to Know for Cybersecurity and Privacy in Your Business 

3/31/2020 – Six cybersecurity tips for your home or work systems during COVID-19.

More too be added


4 Steps to Business Continuity

9 Guideposts for Creating a Consciously Secure Life

More to be added


COVID-19: Cybersecurity, LOVE, and dealing with UNCERTAINTY in your BUSINESS, hosted by FEARLESS Communicators, March 26th, 5pm-6pmEST

COVID-19: BUSINESS CONTINUITY, CYBER RESILENCY and UNCERTAINTY, hosted by Luminary-NYC, March 27th, 9:30am-10:30amEST

LadyDrinks Virtual Workshop. hosted by LadyDrinks, Managing Cybersecurity and Data Risk, March 31st, 12pm-1pmEST

The Consciously Secure Parent: What cybersecurity concerns should you address when homeschooling your children? April 7th 7pmEST

Cybersecurity and IP Lightning Series: Zoom, Webinar Security and Protecting Your IP, Tuesday, April 11th 11am

The New Normal: Cybersecurity, IT, Business Continuity, and the First Four Weeks of the US Working From Home and Global Work From Home Initiatives and Impacts, Friday, April 17th, 11am

More to be added


3/19/2020 – 4 Steps to Business Continuity and Response

3/23/2020  – Interview of Jessica by Bill Baylis, Controlled Profitable Growth Expert at the Business Development Machine

3/25/2020 – 3 Guideposts for Creating a Consciously Secure Life

4/3/2020 – 3 Guideposts for Creating a Consciously Secure Life Part 2

More to be added


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