Coronavirus: Taking Care of Your Team

Wanted to send a few updates in response to the first quarantine in the NYC metro area of the coronavirus and I wanted to be sure you were included. Learn more here:

Here are some immediate next step suggestions:

  • Take inventory of who on your staff, vendors, contractors (critical business partners) that can be impacted (even by a travel commute).
  • Business continuity: If your staff works remotely for the rest of the week can all business critical process be conducted remotely and securely? (Finance, accounts payable, accounts receivable, HR, security etc.
  • Security and Privacy: Is your team able to work remotely and STILL maintain the confidentiality, integrity, privacy and availability of systems data? (Not sure – give Jessica a call and she can take you though a quick check list. 929-800–1184).

Good information shared from one of our PurePoint Community Members:

Regarding any in person meetings (no matter how critical):

  • If someone is not feeling well, it is recommended they stay home and rest.
  • Carry tissues to cough or sneeze into, and have a little “trash bag” to put those used tissues into once finished.
  • Wash hands as soon as staff arrive anywhere after traveling. Avoid touching backs of chairs and handles of doors/shopping carts, etc directly – use a tissue or sanitizing wipe before grabbing.
  • Use hand sanitizer or a sanitizing wipe to clean hands after contact with “life”.
  • Bump elbows when greeting each other.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • If you have a mask, it’s not about filtering out the germs – the sole purpose of a mask is keeping hands away from mouth and nose.

The other “tip” is get Zinc lozenges. Take one every 2-3 hours (follow package instructions). There has been a memo from a doctor going around where he says Zinc works like a charm for blocking cold and flu viruses, including the corona virus.

The last piece I’d like to share are thoughts  known to help our bodies strengthen its immune system and create an optimized environment in the body so it can do its job:

  • Double up on your nutritional regimen (of course, consult a nutritional/wellness practitioner about double dosing protocol on each item you take).
  • Take an option to lessen alcohol intake for the month of March for extra support to your immune system.
  • Get an ideal night’s sleep. It’s that simple.
  • What we focus on expands. Health and mind-state are linked. Our job is to keep our mind free of fear. Fear suppresses our immune system. So the practice is this: if you catch team/staff dwelling on fear (disappointment/upset/breakdown), as leaders help shift the focus to what is working great, what is amazing, by focusing your attention on gratitude or what’s going well (I.e., thankful our team is healthy).
  • Eat a clean diet – at least for the month of March! (Then go back to your favorite processed foods.) Wherever we can, try cutting out processed foods. We are brilliant machines designed to override invasion to the body. Optimizing our well being makes a difference.

We are here to serve you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jessica Robinson, CEO of PurePoint International, and works as a Virtual/Outsourced CISO to middle market business in financial services and insurance. You can reach her at

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