How to Build Cybersecurity Roadmap

As a c-level leader, a cybersecurity roadmap is essential for helping to drive progress and excellence in your cybersecurity program.

“Setting clear security objectives that align with the wider business objectives is absolutely fundamental to the success of any security function.

These objectives need to be clearly communicated via a security roadmap and should be inclusive of both the security team and the wider business as a whole. For a roadmap to be effective, it needs to be understood by business leaders within the organization, whether they have a security background or not.

It becomes very difficult for you as CISO to clearly articulate what you want to achieve, let alone get buy-in from the senior leadership team without a clear plan in place. It is also hard to communicate when something is achieved or to show the true impact and value of the cyber function without a roadmap. Continuing to show value is absolutely essential when it comes to securing future investment in the cyber security program within your organization.

The changing regulatory landscape has also become an accelerator behind why it is essential to have a roadmap in place. Smaller companies and companies across almost every industry are now required to comply in ways they have never had to before. Regulation drives actions and actions need to be adequately scoped with the appropriate resources allocated as part of a broader roadmap.”

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