Our New Brand is Official: Consciously Secure Living



I was honored to give one of the keynotes at the Social Venture Network conference in Philly two weeks ago. I spoke about the need to live a consciously secure life where industry giants like Ben & Jerry’s, Honest Tea, and Stonyfield are members. This was a wonderful learning journey for me to see the response and desire for this topic.

The truth is being a woman owned security business I receive a lot of questions about personal safety, internet safety for children, personal safety while traveling alone, personal safety for women, and personal safety for diverse communities. With the daily threats we all face currently in our world, many people asked me about daily solutions that were great for individuals and solopreneurs. I couldn’t find anything that existed, that specifically served women and diverse communities, so I created the brand Consciously Secure Living as an evolution from our former brand, Conscious Courage Living.

After two years of research, this summer I launched the brand Consciously Secure Living, to address these very specific concerns, which is how this speaking opportunity arose. Consciously Secure Living is in the personal safety and human potential business:

Consciously Secure Living focuses on:
1. Helping individuals, particularly women and diverse communities, be safe.
2. Helping leaders to create safe spaces, so that the so that their teams can thrive, produce great results and reach their full potential in the workplace.

Vision: Our work is creating a safer, more secure, global environment for women to raise their children, economically provide for their families, receive an education and simply live their lives how they choose to, without fear or intimidation. As a result, it is my hope that helping to elevate the role women play in the global consciousness of creating a more peaceful world, manifests to a more secure world for billions of people. This means working with businesses, organizations and individuals, with similar values, to increase people’s own sense of personal security.

I have been so proud of the response of this launch. With the emotional flux from the events of last week, I was also glad to receive requests for information that relates to this brand.

Going forward this newsletter may contain information from both the PurePoint and the Consciously Secure Living brand.

I will be curious to learn what most resonates with you. You can learn more by going to www.the-purepoint.com and entering Consciously Secure Living.