“Security isn’t something that should keep you up all night – but it should be a topic that’s part of your company’s core vision from day one. When you’re secure, customers will trust you. When customers trust you, you grow.”
Ritika Puri, Founder Storyhackers

The PurePoint: Security, Humanism, Leadership, Partnership, LOVE


PurePoint International is a holistic security company disrupting the security market by  providing you with a security plan, a security partner, and tools to limit threats to your business. This includes outsourced Principal Information Security Officer (PISO) consulting services. There is no security company like PurePoint International. 

Since PurePoint International started, our brand Consciously Secure Living, and our Security for Social Impact initiative, has addressed unique and important concerns raised by members in our PurePoint community to support our leaders where they are and help them create inner security so they can create outer security for those they care about most, particularly, vulnerable populations, including people of color, women and Black communities. Though one of the main ways we have been able to serve our community of leaders is through cybersecurity, at PurePoint, we have always seen safety and security as intersectional, interdisciplinary and necessary for the thriving of human life. This includes our consulting work as well as our Consciously Secure Leader Webinar Series. It is part of what fuels our vision at PurePoint International, and Consciously Secure Living, since our inception, of creating consciously secure lives for billions of people based in safety, security, inclusion, equality and LOVE.

We are thankful to YOU, our community of Consciously Secure Leaders, allies and supporters who we work with in companies and communities around the world. When violence, oppression and systemic racism continue to impact the safety and security of one community it impacts the safety and security of all communities. We recognize the need for continued ancestral healing, support and community and are here to serve. See more of our learning resources  here.

The #1 Company for women led and owned businesses and organizations globally. Bridging the gap among data security, cyber risk and privacy.

Outsourced Principal Information Security Officer: As your outsourced Principal Information Security Officer (PISO), we handle your physical and cyber security needs within your organization. We help international organizations and non-profits, financial services, insurance, health care companies, start ups and small businesses to create a strong cybersecurity and privacy resilient culture and keep senior level executives focused on other priority goals and business objectives. Learn more about PurePoint’s services here.


How to Build a Cybersecurity Roadmap, curated by Stott and May, featuring Jessica Robinson – DOWNLOAD

Securing Bridges Posdcast with Alyssa Miller, Consciously Secure Leadership


Philanthropy Company of the Year Award 2021, Ally of the Year Awards

Upcoming Events


Consciously Secure Leadership Series, August 31, Zoe Braiterman, Risk Management, Twitter Spaces


Consciously Secure Leadership Series, September 7, Zoe Braiterman, Insider Threats, Twitter Spaces

Consciously Secure Leadership Series, September 14, Zoe Braiterman, Cyber Law, Twitter Spaces

Consciously Secure Leadership Series, September 21, Zoe Braiterman, Cyber Terrorism, Twitter Spaces

Consciously Secure Leadership Series, September 28, Zoe Braiterman, Threat Modeling, Twitter Spaces


Consciously Secure Leadership Series, January 30, Zoe Braiterman & Jessica Robinson, Security Tips for 2023, Twitter Spaces


OWASP Global AppSec Conference, Keynote Speaker, Jessica Robinson, February 15th -16th, Dublin, Ireland


WiCyS Conference, Lightening Talk, Protecting WiCyS and You, March 16th-18th, Denver, CO

WiCyS Conference, Workshop, with Equity Adovacy Committee, Self-Accountability and Challenging our Own Bias, March 16th-18th, Denver, CO

WiCyS Conference, Workshop, RIDE to Safety – Risk Assess Your Next Conference, March 16th-18th, Denver, CO

Commission on the Status of Women, The Future of FGM, March 17th, 9amET, United Nations, NYC (virtual)


RSA Conference, The Fearless Cybersecurity Leader and Future CISO, April 24th-27th, San Francisco, CA

(Congrats to Executive Officer Jessica Robinson on her talk being rated as one of the top sessions of the RSA Conference!)


RSAC Top  Rated Session Interview with RSAC’s Senior Content Manager, Kacy Zurkus, September 6th, LinkedIn Live


Australian Cyber Conference, The ONE Thing: Cybersecurity Leader to Future CISO, October 17th-19th, Melbourne, Australia

Partial List of Clients



Other Clients

Financial Services, Credit Union – Confidential

Energy Company – Confidential

Law Firm – Confidential

IT Company – Confidential

Consulting company – confidential

Privacy company – confidential

Healthcare company – Confidential

Health Care Association – Confidential

Health Care Practice – Confidential

Advertising Company, Confidential

Consulting Company – Confidential

 NY Based  Nonprofit – Confidential

Insurance Company, NY based – Confidential

Insurance Company, East Coast – Confidential

Insurance Association – Confidential

Law Start Up – Confidential

Law Tech Company – Confidential

Security Tech Company – Confidential

Film Production Company – Confidential

Policy Nonprofit – Confidential

Security Tech Nonprofit – Confidential

Technology Consulting Firm

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