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“Security isn’t something that should keep you up all night – but it should be a topic that’s part of your company’s core vision from day one. When you’re secure, customers will trust you. When customers trust you, you grow.”
Ritika Puri, Founder Storyhackers

PurePoint International is a mission driven, public interest, woman owned safety & security business committed to creating a consciously secure world by empowering individuals, responsible businesses, and organizations in the areas of safety and security. PurePoint International is disrupting the security market by providing affordable training and outsourced Chief  Security Officer (CSO) consulting services. 

Outsourced Chief Security Officer: As your outsourced Chief Security Officer (CSO), we handle your physical and cyber security needs within your organization. We help you create a strong culture and keep C level executives focused on other priority goals and business objectives. Learn more about PurePoint’s services here and check out these 3 cyber security tips here for leaders and business owners.

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With the daily threats we all face currently in our world, many people asked me about solutions that were great for individuals and solopreneurs. I couldn’t find anything that existed, that specifically served women and diverse communities, so I created the brand Consciously Secure Living. Based off the #1 best-selling co-authored book with Jessica Robinson, Mission Unstoppable, we also work with INDIVIDUALS to help them create an internal safe space, we work with LEADERS to create safe spaces in the workplace, and we work with BUSINESSES to create a culture where each person can fully bring themselves to work and reach their full potential.   

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